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Let the Pendulum Swing

There's no such thing as balance if you're trying to live a full life. Balanced living is a prettier way to say comfortable living. Comfort is the killer of dreams AND the confidence you need to chase them. Comfort will keep you stuck thinking about the life you could live instead of actually going out and living it. American media would have you believe that balanced living should be your ultimate goal but that's literally just a marketing scheme to keep you stagnant by consuming dumb stuff that doesn't actually improve your quality of life.

If you want to create a life that you love, then you need to choose discomfort on a regular basis. Growth is the only way and we grow through experiences both good and bad. This means trying new things and sometimes failing. It means putting your ass on the line and going all in on something to make it happen. I like to think of a pendulum swinging back and forth. The pendulum only passes through the middle briefly, which we'll equate with balanced/comfortable living. When you get to that place, it should only be a brief pause, to catch your breath and get back to work aka swing to the other side. Imagine a pendulum that stays in the middle... it would be broken. This is how you should view staying comfortable in your life. If you aren't living outside your comfort zone, then you aren't living, and if you aren't living, then you're dying.

Now let's talk about where the pendulum is swinging to on either side. For me I have many different "sides". I have personal goals, kids, my business, marriage, friendships, family and finance. Currently I am intentionally swinging back and forth between personal goals and my business. BUT, due to certain circumstances I've had to add in my kids to fulfill their needs. It's critical that we choose where to expend our time and energy. However, life requires that we're able to redirect when necessary. So, in order to maintain my equilibrium, the one thing that doesn't change is my self care routine. Regardless of where my attention needs to be, I understand that I, Kellie, have to be at my best. This means well rested, well fed, physically active, mindful and grounded in my values. If these things aren't in order, the pendulum is likely to stop swinging. Having a healthy mind, body and spirit is what makes goal getting possible.

If you're stuck in the "middle" check in with yourself. Is it imposter syndrome or fear of failure? Are you worried about what everyone else thinks? It is unresolved trauma? Are you a people pleaser? Have you created a life that you hate and feel stuck? Once you understand why you are where you are, then the next step is to figure out where you want to go. Once you know where you want to go you can set goals to get there AND create a self care routine to support you through the challenging moments. Then all you need to do is let the pendulum swing baby swing.

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There's a song for that: "Break My Stride", Matthew Wilder

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