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Kellie's Free Tools

Are you ready to kickstart your wellness journey? I've spent the last 11 years learning how to create a life I love . Now I'm making it my mission to help others reclaim their health and confidence! My free tools will help you generate the energy you need to crush your goals.

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Kellie in 2010

Kellie in 2020

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My 3 part system for becoming physically (move), spiritually (connect) and mentally (learn) fit for the life you want to live.

Full Body 

Here is a full body workout to help you build strength, stability and endurance.

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One of the most powerful tools we can have is emotional intelligence. I've created this workbook to help you understand and regulate your emotions.


Meal Plan

Here are some of my go to meals that are simple, macro friendly and nutrient dense. Good nutrition is the foundation for mental and physical health.


I see you. I know you're tired and dissatisfied with your life. I know you want to change but might be feeling unmotivated or stuck. I know you don't know how you got so far off track. I know you might be embarrassed or ashamed.

It's ok. You're not alone!

You're a human living in a society that has told you to dream less and work more. 


I'm here to remind you that you're supposed to enjoy your life and you're allowed to have goals and desires that have nothing to do with your family or current career!


Membership Includes:

  • workouts

  • recipes and meal plans

  • live coaching sessions

  • private Facebook community

  • challenges

  • resources for thought work

This membership is for you if:

  • You are ready to pursue your passions.

  • You are looking to get your confidence back.

  • You are feeling lonely and disconnected.

  • You are ready to gain more energy and overall health.

  • You are ready to create a life that you absolutely love!

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Since the beginning of the pandemic I felt lost in my routine and my health. I was finally in a place where I was ready to get myself into a work out schedule and make the time for me but I needed guidance.

Kellie created an environment, via Zoom, that provided grace for beginners and a place for those who could do a little more. Wherever I was, she met me there.

Kellie’s Zoom classes have provided a place to keep me accountable, consistent with my goals, and a way to check in with my progress and life in general. Kellie’s classes have been a light for me in this dark time.

I’m so proud of my accomplishments and my fitness level at this point that I’m doing heavier weights and adding in more workouts.

I’m so grateful for Kellie’s offerings of these challenging classes and the support she’s provided to me!

Join the membership now for workouts, recipes, worksheets, coaching from Kellie and best of all, a support system!

Do you feel like you need more support?

Click below to find out how to work with Kellie 1-1.

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