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Because I'm Happy

I'm sitting at a car dealership. My appointment was 3 hours ago for an oil change and tire rotation. Normally not a big deal but today I booked the appointment to ready my car for a road trip to Vermont WITHOUT MY KIDS.

I had a plan: wake up at 5, teach my 6 am class, pack the car, workout, get my oil changed and be on the road at noon by the latest. I figured I'd walk across the street and get a pedicure while I waited for the hour (and a half max). Well, spoiler alert, things are not going according to plan... it's 1:30 and my car isn't done yet.

It's been a series of unfortunate events stemming from lack of communication and attention to detail. Annoying as the customer and devastating as a mom of 3 trying to travel for a long weekend away.

At about 12:45 I felt the heat rising and I demanded to speak to a manager (who is apparently not here BTW). I expressed my frustration as I tried not to cry and as the service rep stared at me blankly I realized I needed to let the emotion go. I can't change the circumstances no matter what kind of fit I throw. So instead I've decided to change what I can: my attitude.

So, here I am writing a blog on my cell phone...

I just posted to my Instagram story to complain, but also reframe with gratitude. While things aren't going according to plan, I'm still so fortunate. I'm sitting in a warm building with a Starbucks machine while millions of Texans (some of whom I love) are without heat or water. I'm watching 90's pop and r&b music videos on MTV which I didn't even know was possible anymore. I am alone with my thoughts. I have a car TO get an oil change and tire rotation on. I am safe. I am about to spend 3 nights in a hotel in Vermont to ski and enjoy time with friends. I could go on and on and on. No matter what's happening at this very moment, I am just too filled with gratitude to let a champagne problem ruin my day.

So, I'm choosing to relax right here, right now, as if I'm already on vacation because I'm happy annnndddd in theory I am. I love my kids, but just to sit here in this waiting room solo is a gift. I'll get to VT and all will be well. My hotel room, my friends, the skiing and such will all be there waiting for me when I arrive.

The moral of the story is: choose your energy. You can be negative and unkind or you can be grateful and compassionate. You can stress about minor things while others are facing REAL problems or you can refuse to get upset over things that won't matter in the long run. The choice is always yours.

Thanks for reading,



There's a Song for That: "Happy", by Pharrell

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