Move.Connect.Learn: Thrive

There are three keys to continuous growth and fulfillment. They are movement, connection and learning. When you incorporate these elements into your daily life you will find yourself mentally/physically healthier, more authentic, more successful in your endeavors and more content. Every single person wants to feel good in their body, to breathe easily, think clearly and live abundantly. But no one is entitled to this way of being. It's a choice that needs to be made every single day.

For years I struggled to find fulfillment in my life. I felt that I had technically done everything right but was nowhere near to living or feeling the way that I wanted to. I blamed my circumstance on everything under the sun from the economy to genealogy. But, never did I accept that my habits were trapping me in a vicious cycle of resentment; that I and only I could change the course of my life.

I think that many American adults fall into this trap. We are trained from a young age to do things that we don't want to do in order to please others. We go to a college that our parents approve of, pick a reasonable major and then go on to get a reliable job. We find a mate, settle down and have kids. We raise these kids and the story repeats itself. For some this life is fulfilling, for others like me this is a nightmare. I have always wanted to do something different though I haven't always been clear on what that was. So, like so many others I went through the motions because I wasn't strong enough to take risks or stand up to the haters. Ultimately, not pursuing a life of my own design has cost me a lot of unhappiness and insecurity because I felt like a fraud. The life I used to live was not my own, but instead a version of someone else's American Dream.

It wasn't until I made the decision that I was going to choose joy and find a way to live life on my own terms that I actually stood a chance of doing so. I am so incredibly passionate about the 3 elements to thrive because without them I would not be here writing this blog. This blog that I have been dreaming about for YEARS! And I would not have become a personal trainer and started my own women-centered business if it weren't for the 3 elements. If you want to thrive in all aspects of your life then you must "Move.Connect.Learn."


You need to move your body because your mental and physical health depends on it. Seek out opportunities to move whenever you can. Walk or ride a bike instead of driving. Park at the back of the parking lot. Play with your kids. Do basic exercises while you watch TV. Pace while you talk on the phone. Schedule active dates or girl's nights.

You also need to change your scenery from time to time; whether this means changing your social circle or moving to a new city. Sometimes the setting you're in isn't conducive to achieving your goals.


In this digital world we feel like we are connecting with people 24/7. However, most people go through their day without ever actually being present and engaging with the person sitting next to them. Remember when you used to talk to the passenger sitting next to you on the airplane?

You need to find ways to connect with your loved ones, community and the world at large. Find time to be in nature. Practice gratitude. Journal so that you are connected with yourself. Humans are wired for connection and without it suffer emotionally.


There's this notion that once you're an adult, boom, you know who you are and what you believe and that's that. However, life is a journey. Every experience, positive or negative, brings with it an opportunity to grow; to gain a new perspective. Set goals for yourself and enjoy the process of achieving them. Turn failures into teachable moments. Work on yourself. Be curious about the world. Seek information from multiple sources. Acquire new skills.


My philosophy of "Move, connect, learn" serves as the foundation for my life and business. Honoring these three elements has allowed me to step more fully into who I am and help others do the same. Both my Personal Training and Wellness Coaching programs provide specific measures for incorporating the "Move.Connect.Learn." philosophy into your life.

Happy Holidays!


There's a Song for That: Life is a Highway, Tom Chochrane

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