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About Me

After learning to take control of my physical and mental health I decided that I wanted to help other women do the same.  As a certified Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach my goal is to empower women to take control of their mental and physical health so that they can share their gifts with the world. Every woman is unique and brings her own strengths and challenges.  My intention is to build a custom plan based on my clients' current health, schedule and goals. I aim to transform bodies, minds and souls through behavior modification, diet, mindfulness and exercise.  Women will learn to make decisions in all facets of life that nurture and honor who they truly are.


What I Do

Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

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Develop the skills to be your best self.

You already have what it takes within you to achieve your goals. As your wellness coach, I will provide you with the necessary tools to create a life by design.  I believe that in order to be "well"  one must be emotionally, spiritually and physically healthy.


Maintain Social Distancing and Get Fit

Personal Training provided via zoom.  You will receive training customized to your goals and fitness level in the comfort of your own home.


Client Testimonials

Real Experiences and Real Results.

It has been a game changer for me. I naturally like mental challenges but am not a fan of physical challenges and with a knee injury from a car accident I had gotten into the habit of avoiding the physical challenges.  She made me feel like "I can" handle any physical challenge! She put me on a steady path that resolved my knee pain, got me in shape and most of all enjoyed doing it!!  She built a relationship with me based on my goals and shared in my joy when I met those goals.  Kellie os a masterfully gifted artist at meeting her clients goals!!

Thank you Kellie for helping me and my life!!

JoAnne S.


"Kellie Parks Hall has gotten me in better shape than I ever imagined possible at five months postpartum.  She has tailored my workouts to my personal goals--body image, strength, stamina and the sports and activities I want to participate in.  She will feed the baby and rock the baby while walking me through workout, being my adult social outlet, and pushing me to my limit.  Because she comes to me, I'm done with my workout in 45-55 minutes.  It's the most efficient way I've ever exercised.  She is worth my post-bay weight in gold and then some."

Kendal S.


"I hit a plateau for the last year and was trying harder and harder and not seeing many changes.  I decided to reach out to Kellie to help.  She turned it all around for me in just two weeks I burst through my plateau and have more energy than ever for my workouts.  She helped with recommendations for diet and a schedule for working out in line with living my busy life!  Thanks to her I'm excited and seeing results on and off the scale.  If you need a change or hit a plateau or a jump start consider utilizing her amazing services."

Shannon B.


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